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real estate agent showing a listing to a young couple, she is in need of a real estate cpa

Streamlining Accounting for Real Estate Agencies

Whether in property management or development, a broker or an investor, you face many unique challenges in the real estate industry that require specialized real estate CPA services. We provide real estate accounting services, data-informed business insights, and financial advice on strategy direction guided by your financial outlook.

We help clients tackle tough problems during acquisitions, selling, holding, and development. With a diverse range of real estate industry clients, we understand what your financial documents are saying about your current and potential future situation.Our goal is to empower you to achieve your financial potential, and we plan to partner with you for the long term by building the lasting client relationship with you that we have with so many. We’re redefining the CPA relationship.

Benefits of a Specialized Real Estate CPA

When you work with a specialized CPA, you can feel assured that your business is vital. You have a sound financial plan and streamlined real estate accounting systems in place so you can foresee where your real estate company is going. Because your real estate CPA ensures your financial documents are always up to date, accurate, and available, you can see challenges on the horizon and have the cash flow plus data insights to pivot and take advantage of opportunities confidently.

Our Real Estate Accounting Services Include:

Why Do You Need a CPA for Your Real Estate Business?

Real estate presents unique challenges. It’s essential to work with a remote CPA who knows the industry. A real estate expert sees both challenges and opportunities that less specialized CPAs would miss. From real estate regulatory compliance to increasingly complex real estate tax codes to fraud prevention and payroll, it’s important to work with a real estate CPA who brings a lot of experience to the table but is also willing to take the time to learn about your unique financial goals, operations, and people. We can even discuss your exit plan and personal goals for life after real estate. Anytime you’re considering who to hire, industry expertise should be at the top of your list of what to ask your CPA.

real estate agent completes paperwork with the young couple, she is in need of real estate accounting
Calculator over paint and flooring samples - real estate accounting

DHJJ Specializes in Real Estate Accounting

The real estate business is too complex and the stakes too high to trust your real estate accounting and advisory to someone who doesn’t specialize in real estate. We understand how real estate operates from years of experience working with real estate financial documents and have built long-term relationships with the people behind the numbers at companies like yours. Through our personalized Real Estate CPA services, you can make the most well-informed financial decisions. To learn more about our services, get in touch.

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