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DHJJ’s attention to client service through different processes began years ago, but many technologies are increasing in popularity due to the pandemic. With a rise in popularity of remote connections and prioritizing efficiency, we understand that you may want the option to make working with your accountant easier, no matter where you are located.

What DHJJ offers to clients:

Teleconference meetings: We have the ability to meet with you remotely. See your accountant and their screens to show you documents. Let your accountant know what type of platform you are comfortable using online (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.). You don’t need to purchase any software or pay any fees to utilize this option, nor do you need to have a camera on your computer unless you want your accountant to see you.

Online, Secure Document Sharing: Our secure ShareFile system allows you to send and receive sensitive information such as tax documents securely and conveniently, so there is no need to mail your documents unless that is your preference. If you need to email sensitive information, please contact your accountant for a secure link.
Click here to watch quick video on uploading documents to DHJJ’s secure ShareFile portal. 
If you do not have a login to DHJJ’s secure ShareFile portal, request one here.  

Signing Forms Electronically: Our technology allows for you to review and sign your tax return, as well as sign other documents. Talk with your accountant if you’d like to sign your documents using our quick and safe RightSignature system.

Flexible Hours: We understand that sometimes your schedule conflicts with our work hours. DHJJ’s offices have expanded hours to accommodate your schedule during tax season.

Dropping off documents at the office: While we strongly encourage you to use remote options, we understand the need may arise for you to bring something to the office. If you need to drop something off at the DHJJ offices in Naperville or St. Charles, please contact your accountant to coordinate a time.

DHJJ Advisors

DHJJ offers our clients a variety of technological soutions to ensure the highest level of client communication and service. We are passionate about supporting your tax and accounting needs and put an emphasis on expanding our communication with you.


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