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How It Works

You’re no stranger to acquiring and liquidating assets for your business. But buying and selling a whole business is a whole different ball game. M&A involves people, real property, goodwill, financial statements, proprietary processes, technology, and more. These all become part of a company’s valuation. And while companies have some intrinsic value, supply and demand certainly shape what that final agreement looks like.

DHJJ’s Mergers & Acquisition services ensure you understand the business valuation, whether you’re the buyer or the seller. And we help you navigate the process. Here’s how our Mergers & Acquisition services make that happen.

Employers’ 401(k) Responsibility

Assisting businesses in establishing 401(k) plans for their workforce, we understand the critical responsibilities linked to overseeing, assessing, and protecting these plans for the benefit of participants. This includes the careful selection of a reliable investment lineup, ongoing monitoring of plan expenses and service providers, and compliance with regulatory requirements outlined by governing laws and plan documents. While these tasks may seem daunting, our dedicated team of 401(k) plan consultants can help alleviate the burden, ensuring that you meet your fiduciary obligations with confidence, while providing exceptional, cost-effective services for your 401(k) participants.

Through our collaborative approach, our primary aim is to reduce 401(k) plan expenses while maintaining top-notch services for both employers and employees. Navigating plan expenses can often prove challenging for employers, given the various ways in which charges can be applied. These expenses may be directly deducted from plan assets and participant accounts, or discreetly integrated within investments, ultimately diminishing overall investment returns. Evaluating these fees not only fulfills an employer’s fiduciary responsibility but also typically results in cost savings for both the employer and employees.

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Our Process

  • Due Diligence. Assessing potential risks and developing a plan to manage them
  • Transaction Structuring. Every transaction is unique. Advantages and disadvantages will exist on both sides of the table. This involves structuring a transaction that makes the most sense for you, your business, and your life goals. If you’re executing your business exit strategy to retire, we help you achieve the outcome you’re looking for.
  • Post-Merger Closing. On the buying side, you need a post-merger plan to assess and establish strong organizational leadership while integrating teams, technology, operations, and more. We offer customized business advice and tax planning to help you complete this transition to manage your business effectively going forward. For sellers, post-merger closing helps you effectively hand over the reins.
  • M&A Strategy. Developing a data-informed strategy that streamlines the M&A process, addresses potential roadblocks, and keeps your deal on track to the finish line.
  • Consulting on Business Valuations & Purchase Price. It’s vital to assess a business’ health and understand the true value of a company to the one buying it. Even minor oversights can derail the deal or post-merger transition. With over 20 years of experience with Mergers & Acquisition services, we can help you find the right sell or purchase price.
  • Negotiating Process Supervision. As a third-party observer, we watch the process unfold and can quickly identify gaps that must be bridged to reach a mutually beneficial deal.

Our M&A Process

Why Choose DHJJ for M&A?

DHJJ is a Chicago-area accounting firm and business advisor that helps clients reach their financial goals at all stages of their careers, from buying and managing a business to exit strategies and estate planning. To achieve this, we build lasting personal relationships with each client by developing a deep understanding of their business and life goals and giving them the tools to make well-informed decisions. If you’re considering buying or selling a company, trust the Mergers & Acquisition experts at DHJJ. Let us set up your appointment.

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Areas We Service

Make your business stronger and your life simpler. Listed below are the areas we service! Please reach out if you do not see your location listed!

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