New, Easier W-4 Form

By Vanessa Sotello

The IRS released a new easier W-4 form to simplify the process of determining how much income tax needs to be withheld from an employee’s paycheck. The new form is now only 5 steps and aligns with your filing status, standard deduction, and tax rate. Even being a simpler form, there are some considerations to keep in mind when filling out the new W-4. Watch the video as DHJJ’s Vanessa Sotello explains the new W-4.

0:06 – What is a W-4
0:10 – About the New W-4
0:26 – Purpose of the New W-4
0:35 – Reasons to Increase Withholding
0:52 – Tax Penalties and Estimated Payments
1:08 – Additional Withholding
1:23 – Who Needs to Fill Out a New W-4

Watch The Video

Click here to read more about the W-4 and to use the tax withholding estimator

Click here to visit the information page about the W-4

How DHJJ Can Help

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