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A CPA pointing to figures on a graph to show a business owner the findings from Financial Statement Review services

Ensure Your Businesses Financial Statements are within Compliance

Growth is good, but increasing your business’ productivity and profitability as you grow is even better.

Financial statements are critical to building and maintaining stakeholder trust and making financially informed decisions. Having an external CPA review your financials instills this confidence. But, not every business must complete an extensive audit. In these cases, you need financial statement review services from a third party like DHJJ.

DHJJ Financial Statement Review Process

We examine your bookkeeping processes and controls. Next, we assess financial statements using data analytics, benchmarks, established metrics, previous years’ financial statements, and years of industry-specific expertise to see if financial statements look in order.

By providing limited assurance, our CPA states that we did not find “material modifications “needed. That means nothing stands out that would bring into question the accuracy of your statements. If material modifications are needed, they must be addressed before our CPA can sign off on the review. As your CPA partner, we can provide financial consultation and guide you in producing compliant financial statements.

DHJJ’s Financial Statement Services

Who Needs Financial Statement Reviews?

A lender can require a business owner (including any self-employed person) to hire a CPA to complete financial statement review services before giving you a personal or business loan. The CPA will provide limited assurance to the lender that the financial statements are plausible. Investors may request it as well.

CPA using a calculator to help her conduct Financial Statement Review services

Companies not required by law to have a formal audit should consider hiring an external CPA to complete a financial statement review. This can assure you that your statements stand up to scrutiny if you need to quickly raise capital, sell your company, or get a loan. It reassures existing stakeholders that you’re taking steps to maintain financial compliance.

DHJJ provides a full range of financial statement services. DHJJ CPAs have industry expertise and want to become your long-term financial partners.

Areas We Service

Make your business stronger and your life simpler. Listed below are the areas we service! Please reach out if you do not see your location listed!

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