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Receive a Free Evaluation

401(k) plans can have hidden fees and poor or limited investment options. Our retirement plan consultants can see if there is an opportunity for cost savings and better service for your company. We can help you choose the best investments for your employees and offer continuing education for your employees.

DHJJ offers complimentary reviews of your corporate 401(k) plans to identify issues and make sure you’re offering your employees the best plan. A complimentary review is simple, fill out the form and a DHJJ representative will contact you to get two documents we need for your review. After our review, we’ll deliver a report to you and discuss our findings.

Employers’ 401(k) Responsibility

Assisting businesses in establishing 401(k) plans for their workforce, we understand the critical responsibilities linked to overseeing, assessing, and protecting these plans for the benefit of participants. This includes the careful selection of a reliable investment lineup, ongoing monitoring of plan expenses and service providers, and compliance with regulatory requirements outlined by governing laws and plan documents. While these tasks may seem daunting, our dedicated team of 401(k) plan consultants can help alleviate the burden, ensuring that you meet your fiduciary obligations with confidence, while providing exceptional, cost-effective services for your 401(k) participants.

Through our collaborative approach, our primary aim is to reduce 401(k) plan expenses while maintaining top-notch services for both employers and employees. Navigating plan expenses can often prove challenging for employers, given the various ways in which charges can be applied. These expenses may be directly deducted from plan assets and participant accounts, or discreetly integrated within investments, ultimately diminishing overall investment returns. Evaluating these fees not only fulfills an employer’s fiduciary responsibility but also typically results in cost savings for both the employer and employees.

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Our Process

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Creating portfolios from over 13,000+ investment options.


Tracking performance and providing comparative benchmarks.


Helping participants find the right strategy for their goals.

Elevate Your Business with DHJJ

Third-Party Partnerships

DHJJ collaborates with industry leaders like Vanguard and other Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to offer a comprehensive 401(k) servicing solution that combines the personalized approach of a firm with the cost-efficient advantages of a larger institution. Within this partnership, DHJJ focuses on delivering employee education and tailored financial advisory services for the plan, while Vanguard leverages its extensive resources to provide streamlined and economical plan administration services, covering areas such as plan compliance, asset custody, participant and employer assistance, and an intuitive online platform for seamless interaction.

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Moreover, leveraging Vanguard’s extensive network, we can guide employers in selecting suitable funds and constructing model portfolios from a diverse range of almost 13,000 investment options, including several of the most cost-effective choices typically accessible solely to large institutions.

Areas We Service

Make your business stronger and your life simpler. Listed below are the areas we service! Please reach out if you do not see your location listed!

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