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Rebecca “Beki” Turner Maquet is the Managing Director and Principal at DHJJ and the firm’s go-to problem solver for complex issues involving multiple entities, multiple owners, mixed businesses, and multi-state matters related to income taxes. She is a Certified Public Accountant with over 29 years of experience.  Beki helps her clients with a full slate of accounting and business advisory services: tax, accounting, retirement planning, business consulting, and entrepreneurial services. Her specialties are taxation (multi-state tax, state and local tax, tax issues for multiple entities and multiple owners), and a deep knowledge of how to evaluate and improve clients accounting systems.

Whether navigating day-to-day business challenges or resolving entrenched, long-term accounting problems, Beki enjoys working with her clients and their trusted business advisors as she unravels the thread of accounting snarls. Armed with a thorough understanding of the reporting and documentation that buyers and lenders rely on, Beki aids her clients in preparing for, negotiating, and executing successful business transactions.

In addition to her client work, Beki developed and leads the firm’s Innovative Services Group as well as software training courses for professionals and assists both colleagues and clients in setting up and sorting out even the most complicated entities for efficient accounting and reporting processes. Her experience also includes coordinating the firm’s Naperville education partnership with School District 203 as a volunteer and is the current acting Treasurer on two 501(c)(3) charity boards and one not-for-profit board.

Outside of Work:

Beki is a hockey and baseball mom to her two boys.

A lifelong sports enthusiast, she has competed in multiple triathlons and is an avid Cubs and Blackhawks fan.

A Native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Beki studied at Elmhurst College and is Treasurer of A Giving Heart Foundation.


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