Financial Planning for Retirement on the Horizon — Recorded Webinar

With a global pandemic dominating our minds, you might find yourself thinking about financial planning for retirement on the horizon a bit more. As you approach retirement, you probably have questions you need to answer in order to meet the goals you have set for you and your family. Watch DHJJ’s webinar recording to learn what a complete financial plan includes and how this fits in with your retirement plans.

Cammy Corso, who is both a Certified Financial Planner™ and a CPA, discusses what the financial planning process includes when retirement is on the horizon.

Watch the Video: Financial Planning for Retirement

01:20 – What is Retirement Planning?
02:40 – Retirement Planning Overview
05:17 – Cash Flow Planning
12:08 – Social Security Planning
18:07 – Invest Your Assets
20:54 – Investment Management
12:59 – Risk Assessment
36:33 – Estate Planning
47:46 – Tax Planning
53:45 – Examples
55:08 – Insurance Planning

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