In his role as principal at DHJJ, Scott Singer concentrates on guiding individuals and businesses toward achieving their goals. Providing answers, ideas and options is his specialty, and with 35 years of accounting experience, he has a wealth of strategies to share. Whether he’s consulting on estate and gift plans or potential business mergers and acquisitions, he brings wisdom that adds value and creates the most benefit for the client.

Scott’s professional background includes serving companies in multiple industries and consulting with high-net-worth individuals. In addition, he is a frequent speaker who leads seminars on financial topics and has taught college courses on mergers & acquisitions, as well as estate and gift planning. Scott’s broad industry experience allows him to deliver insights efficiently so his clients can find the strategies they need to accomplish their goals.

A native of Denver, Colorado, Scott knew he wanted to be a CPA by the time he was in high school. Scott enjoys the challenges of accounting, something he found out when he helped with his father’s business. In the years since, he has continued to relish the opportunity to create organization and financial success out of chaos and confusing situations.

In addition to his CPA license, Scott is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and a member of both the American Institute of CPAs and the Illinois CPA Society. He has been married for 38 years and has two sons in college. He and his wife live in Naperville, Illinois.

Away from the office, Scott leads an active lifestyle: he is a triathlete and cyclist who trains year round. His next challenge is completing a half Ironman competition.

Fun facts:

  • Accountants tend to be reserved but Scott is passionate and outspoken, both at work and at home. If he sees something that needs to be addressed, he speaks right up.
  • Scott has a longstanding love of aviation and holds a private pilot’s license. He is also an avid cyclist and triathlete.
  • Orange Julius wasn’t just a mall treat for him – Scott’s father owned quite a few of the franchises and in high school, Scott took two buses each way for his job doing the books for one of his father’s stores.