Kathy Byrne is a Principal at DHJJ working mostly with individuals and their families. She provides high net income clients and business owners with experienced planning assistance in the areas of individual, trust, estate and gift taxation to help them accomplish their personal goals and create the legacy they desire. Kathy is a Certified Financial Planner™ as well as a CPA.

Families all across the Chicago area know Kathy as the person to count on for help with complex and sometimes messy estate and gift work. Her experience and ability offer reassurance in difficult moments as Kathy helps clients hone in on their goals and protect what is important to them, making sure that each family member is provided for now and in the future. She also coordinates with other financial and legal advisors to serve her clients, working as a team to ensure the best results for the individuals and families she serves.

Kathy’s education includes a Bachelors of Accounting and Masters of Accounting from Northern Illinois University. She enjoys bridging the gap between a personal connection with individuals and an analytical, mathematics-based approach to accounting as she works to resolve issues and create the ideal solutions for her clients’ challenges.

Fun Facts:

  • Kathy was a ballerina and can often be seen tap dancing in the halls.
  • She has a serious sweet tooth for chocolate – in any form.
  • Thor is Kathy’s favorite superhero.