Brad Heck serves the DHJJ community and its clients as Chief Information Officer. Bringing 25 years of experience in technology services, Brad’s specialties include workstation and server management in addition to deep familiarity with the many accounting and other software programs that the team relies on in their daily work.

Brad is a Certified Intacct Solutions provider who holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. One of his favorite aspects his job is the fact that it’s different every day, with new puzzles to solve and new challenges to overcome. There are no set patterns – there’s always a surprise of one kind or another!

Originally from Springfield, Illinois, Brad’s IT roots run deep. His father worked in IT for the phone company back when computer science was in its early stages as an emerging business tool. Brad’s interest started when computers were first becoming available to home users. The family curiosity didn’t stop with Brad, either – his stepson is also an IT professional who works in DHJJ’s IT department.

Outside the office, Brad’s attention is still drawn to the world of computing. He built a computer from scratch, for fun. When not involved with his beloved machines, Brad is a fan of Fantasy Football and reading (with a special fondness for science fiction, naturally). He and his wife live in Aurora, Illinois.

Fun Facts:

  • Like any true computer geek, Brad harbors a deep fondness for both Star Wars and Star Trek.
  • His favorite class in school was physics and his favorite planet is obviously Pluto.
  • Brad considers himself a cat person. His household currently includes ­­­5 feline friends named Thumper, Sosa, Mina, Mama and Babu.