We never forget what’s important.

At DHJJ, we are much more than an accounting firm. We exist to serve clients and help them reach their goals.

What We Believe:

  • Service: Delivering the highest level of client service is critical to our firm; we want to go above and beyond for all clients, big and small.
  • Family: While we take our work seriously, we never forget that every member of the DHJJ team has family and friends that are significant in their lives and respect the importance of the time they spend together.
  • Faith: We honor faith in its many incarnations and value the role it plays in the lives of our team members and clients.
  • Fun: Work should not be drudgery, so we strive to create a culture and work atmosphere that encourages hard work and fun. We recruit and maintain a highly talented team and want everyone at DHJJ to enjoy what he or she does; we also know that fulfilled team members deliver the best service.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in all we do, both at work and in our lives outside the firm.
  • Respect: It is of the utmost importance to have and show respect for our clients, co-workers and everyone who crosses our path.
  • Success: Helping others succeed is the most rewarding path to our own success. Our role is to facilitate and contribute to success for all: for our clients in all their endeavors, for our team members as they work toward personal goals and for our firm as a whole.