For complex accounting challenges like international taxation, experience and excellence means the world.

Staying in compliance with tax regulations is no easy matter when you do business in more than one country. Whether your company is headquartered in the United States and conducts business overseas or vice versa, you’ve got a serious and ongoing challenge on your hands to make sense of all the tax matters while also making a profit.

Navigating the myriad sets of rules and regulations that affect these companies is an everyday task for DHJJ’s international tax specialists. From avoiding transfer-pricing disputes with the IRS to monitoring treaty protections to figuring out the best way to return profits to the parent company efficiently, we’ve got you covered.

What We Do 

IT companies, distributors, transportation – these are only a few of the industries we help with international taxation concerns, and we’ve got the necessary knowledge and experience to meet your company’s most complicated conundrums. We’ll help you avoid unnecessary exposure and penalties, sort out the withholding requirements on repatriated earnings and complete tax returns in which you can feel confident.

Services include:

  • International tax returns
  • Transfer pricing studies
  • Tax strategies for companies doing both inbound and outbound international business
  • Repatriated earnings
  • Outsourced accounting for international companies
  • International tax consulting

DHJJ can provide responsive, informed service no matter where in the world your business takes you. And when you come home, we’ll be right here to welcome you and provide sound tax strategies to make your next international business venture a success.

Contact our international tax team at 630-420-1360 and venture out with confidence. There’s a big, beautiful world of opportunity waiting for you.