Your business is going somewhere. Make sure it’s headed in the right direction.

Business as usual isn’t cutting it for your company anymore. As an owner or executive, you are ready to take an in-depth look at your business processes and set a new path for the company’s future.

Continuing to grow and refresh your business isn’t easy, so having a team of professionals with years of experience in your corner is essential to making your vision a reality. DHJJ’s innovative services team offers you the perspective that keeps your business strong by providing insight, guidance, and strategic planning in areas where many Chicago-area business owners are unfamiliar or simply don’t have the time to tackle.

Business Health Assessment for Chicago-area Companies

Our accounting and consulting backgrounds, combined with our experience helping growth-minded businesses, allow us to deliver a comprehensive Business Health Assessment that provides business owners with valuable information.

Based on your answers to detailed questions and our observations of your processes, we will provide a report with actionable recommendations on how to optimize your company for financial and operational success. After we conduct the business health assessment, our recommendations may include how to improve the management of financials, operation plans, and strategic implementation.

The DHJJ Innovative Services group will assess your company in 4 areas:
1. Internal Controls
2. Compliance-Tax/Legal/Insurance/Banking
3. Forecasting/Budgeting/Reporting
4. Value-Added Services

After discussing the report and recommendations, we will help you prioritize your goals and benchmark your progress. If you are ready to partner with a business advisor and identify your company’s opportunities, please contact Rebecca Turner Maquet at or call 630-420-1360 to schedule a business health assessment.

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