Your business is going somewhere. Make sure it’s headed in the right direction.

Building a successful business isn’t easy, so having a team of professionals with years of experience in your corner is essential to making your vision a reality. DHJJ’s entrepreneurial services team offers you the perspective that keeps your business strong by providing insight, guidance and strategic planning in areas where many Chicago-area business owners are unfamiliar or simply don’t have the time to tackle.

With smart consulting to help taxes, audits, technology and wealth management strategies all work together, your business choices can help you reach your goals more efficiently. Whatever the stage of your business, our entrepreneurial team and management advisory specialists have the know-how to help you make the most of your business today, so that it’s even stronger tomorrow.

Entrepreneurial services for business owners across Illinois include:

Tax Planning – Adopting a long-range strategic approach to taxes can potentially deliver huge benefits to your bottom line. We work with you throughout the year to help you find an approach that works with your business model and strives to save you money not just at tax time, but all year around.

Technology Consulting – When properly matched to your goals, today’s advanced cloud-based accounting solutions allow you to accomplish more, save money and free up time to spend on the things that matter most for your business. DHJJ’s experienced professionals can help you find the perfect hardware, software, and networking solutions that complement your business processes and implement them successfully so you can start reaping the benefits.

Exit Planning – Even if an exit is years down the road, now is the time to start planning for the future of your business, including selling or passing on your company to family or employees. DHJJ helps you identify steps to take now that will position your business for growth while meeting your future needs.

Assurance Services – Knowing where you are now is a key step toward getting where you want to go. DHJJ’s audit and assurance services give you solid insight into your business performance so you can make sound decisions and plan for the future with confidence.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits – The numerous ERISA and other rules that govern benefit plans, along with stiff penalties for noncompliance, make missteps here a risk you don’t want to take. DHJJ’s knowledgeable benefit plan consultants help you chart the right course and be confident that you’re taking care of your business as you take care of your employees.

Management Advisory Services – Helping you handle the issues that come up in the course of doing business is part of our job. From business start-up challenges to regulatory compliance to mergers and acquisitions, DHJJ helps you navigate each situation with confidence. Our management advisory specialists empower you to make the decisions that move your business forward.

Financial Advisory – Creating a successful business is only one part of a complete wealth management strategy. DHJJ’s knowledgeable financial advisors help you create and implement a plan to protect the assets you’re working so hard to build. Take care of your future and your family with integrated financial advisory that supports your overall business growth.

Please contact us at ­­­­­­­­­630-420-1360 and let us know how we can help ensure you and your business are moving in the right direction.