Time To Upgrade Your QuickBooks Software Version?

Most QuickBooks users do not know when they should upgrade to a new software version. To start let’s talk about the differences between QuickBooks updates and upgrades. Updates will not provide any new functionality or features. Updates only fix program problems discovered in your current version of QuickBooks. Upgrades are when you purchase an entirely new version of the QuickBooks software.

When Should You Upgrade Your Quickbooks Software Version?

You should consider upgrading if your version is more than three years old. The key reasons are that intuit will stop providing support and will disable features like credit card processing, desktop payroll, online backup and online banking.

If you find that your current version is lacking the functionality that you require for your growing business needs.

Which QuickBooks Desktop Version is Right for Your Business?

Each version of QuickBooks software offers different features. Let’s start with QuickBooks Pro. Pro is your most basic desktop level with up to 3 simultaneous users. The next desktop level is QuickBooks Premier. Premier includes everything Pro achieves plus additional features with up to 5 simultaneous users. Premier provides industry specific features for (contractors, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, professional services and retail editions). The highest level is QuickBooks Enterprise. This version is for those that need up to 30 users, advanced reporting, advanced inventory with bin location, bar code scanning, serial number or lot tracking with multiple warehouses.

What Online Version is Right for Your Business?

The major benefits of the online service is that you do not have to store your data file on your computer or server. You can access the software anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. QuickBooks Online has three versions to choose from. Simple Start is your most basic level for tracking your income and expenses for one user. QuickBooks Essentials provides more functionality like tracking billable hours, control over what your users can access, the ability to automatically setup invoices on recurring schedules (up to 3 simultaneous users). QuickBooks Plus takes Essentials to another level. You can create purchase orders, track inventory, track project profitability and create budgets (up to 5 simultaneous users).

How DHJJ Can Help

Deciding which version of QuickBooks that is suitable for your business can be confusing. For a more assistance with this process contact DHJJ using the form below or call us at 630-420-1360.

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