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Mary Anne Powers is a Principal at DHJJ who serves businesses as well as individuals, consulting with them to help solve problems and make informed decisions. With over three decades at the firm and prior experience with bookkeeping and running a small business, she has a deep understanding of the questions and challenges her clients face, as well as the solutions.

Whether Mary Anne is formulating strategic plans and exit strategies or facilitating mergers and acquisitions from idea to completion, she knows that success depends on meeting specialized needs and proactively making smart operational-level business decisions. She has extensive experience serving contractors and healthcare providers, in addition to retailers, professional service organizations and a variety of other industries.

Another of Mary Anne’s specialties is helping clients select and set up industry-specific software to generate data from which to gain valuable financial insights. She shows clients who to use this financial information for internal day-to-day operations as well as for bigger picture financial and tax reporting purposes.

A graduate of Northern Illinois University, Mary Anne has a B. S. in Accounting. She is a member of the AICPA and the Illinois CPA Society, and from 2009 to 2012 participated in Vistage, a CEO organization providing advanced leadership training opportunities for executives.

Growing up in Naperville, Mary Anne has seen the community grow from a small, farm town to a large Chicago suburb. She loved the community so much that she decided to center her entire life around Naperville, including raising her family, participating in neighborhood events and owning a business.

Outside of Work:

Mary Anne enjoys time traveling, in particular to California with her three grandchildren.

Mary Anne enjoys golfing with friends and clients, spending time outdoors and yoga.

Mary Anne always envisioned herself as an entrepreneur, spending her childhood running the calculator at her family-owned business. This led to her taking an accounting class in high school, solidifying her destiny as a CPA.


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