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As a Senior Associate at DHJJ, Emma Smith serves clients in the manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and professional services industries. Emma has over 7 years of experience and works in the firm’s St. Charles location.

Emma is part of the State and Local Tax (SALT) group and frequently writes and speaks on topics in this area. If clients need information on how taxes effect their business or if they need to see which states it makes sense to expand into, Emma is skilled in conducting tax research. She is also experienced in IC-DISC.

Emma received her Bachelors of Arts in Accounting at Northern Illinois University. Receiving her degree in accounting was an easy choice after a teacher once told her it’s a “degree with 360 options because once you understand accounting, you could transition into any other facet of the business.” By helping local businesses plan for their future, Emma feels like she is helping to strengthen her community, as well.

Outside of Work:

Over the last year due to the gyms closing due to Covid, Emma started working out at home using kettlebells via an online gym. It is a new passion and loves working out with the kids!

Emma grew up in St. Charles, she drives past her grade and high schools on the way to the office each day.

Emma doesn’t only take care of her clients, she likes to help anyone become successful, which is probably why her nickname as a child was “Mom.”


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