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SALT - state and local tax services

With the right strategy, state and local tax planning doesn’t have to be an ordeal even if you conduct business outside of Illinois.

No business owner looks forward to filing taxes, especially if those returns involve complex issues. Despite that, fulfilling your state and local tax obligations can be relatively painless with the benefit of careful planning from professionals who care about your business and know how to determine and pay for your liabilities.

Today’s complex business practices – for example, internet sales and virtual offices – increase your risk, and ignoring the potential for tax problems won’t make it go away. Local laws are constantly changing and even remote sellers can be liable for certain taxes in other states–even without a physical presence in that state. A proactive approach that examines your overall exposure and determines the best ways to protect your company can actually save you money over the long term, in addition to helping alleviate worry.

State and Local Tax Planning Services for Your Business

Chicago-area business owners in every industry rely on DHJJ’s state and local tax specialists to deliver personalized service and smart strategies. From simulated sales tax audits to identifying state- and industry-specific tax credits, you’ll get the reassurance you need along with options that allow your company to keep more of its money.

Services Include

Mitigate business risk and strategically plan for tax liabilities with state and local tax services from DHJJ that include:

  • State tax returns
  • Local tax returns
  • Apportionment
  • Nexus studies
  • Registration
  • Simulated sales tax audits
  • Voluntary disclosure

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