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Assurances We Provide

Some organizations don’t need an in-depth third-party review of their organization’s financial statements, accounting process, and internal controls—in other words, an Audit. In many cases, review services and compilation services are all you need to ensure your financial health. At DHJJ, we recognize this need among our clients, and as your financial partner, we offer the review and compilation services you need.

We can identify insights and uncover opportunities to reinforce internal controls through audit or review and compilation services. This empowers us as your CPA partner to customize and scale services based on your organization’s unique needs, filling gaps, streamlining processes, expanding capabilities, and helping you achieve optimal financial stability and growth.

Review of Financial Statements

Review services describe a process in which a CPA analyzes whether financial statements appear thorough and make sense. Within review services, we also investigate processes in place to build those financial statements and whether or not GAAP principles are being followed. This is much less in-depth than Audited Financial Statements, where the CPA digs into the numbers and the processes you used to reach those conclusions. However, review services still reveal potential gaps in accounting processes and deliver insights into improving the integrity of those financial statements.

Public companies are required to have a third-party financial audit annually. Those who are not public may only need a CPA to provide Assurance that financial statements and processes appear to be in order for lenders, investors, bond insurers, etc. However, some of these entities may require the more rigorous Audit rather than Assurance alone. At DHJJ, we can provide our clients with either depending on the level of “Assurance” they require.

Discover Customized Financial Assessments for Your Business Growth!

Not every organization requires an extensive financial audit. Find out how we design tailored review & compilation services to ensure your financial health.

Compilation of

Financial Statements

Compilation services describe the act of gathering documents and creating formal financial statements. As your CPA partner, we would request your financial records (journals, ledgers, entries, trial balances, etc.) to compile these statements. It’s crucial to highlight compilation services that do not include auditing financial statements for accuracy. These statements are based on the financial records your company provides, which may or may not be complete or accurate.

Should you require additional services of that nature, as your ongoing partner, your DHJJ CPA can help you make use of technology and effective accounting processes to streamline financial documentation and reporting and ensure complete and accurate financial data, all while making it secure yet accessible to your internal accountants, CFO, and DHJJ CPA, and so on.

Why Choose DHJJ?

DHJJ is a full-service CPA accounting firm based in the Chicago area. As your CPA partner, we focus on helping you make data-informed financial and management decisions to reach your financial goals through effective and customized financial management services like review and compilation services. We have built personal relationships with our clients for over 50 years and look forward to supporting your organizational goals through robust financial services. Let’s discuss your situation.

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