QuickBooks Desktop 2018 is Ready to Use—with Several Improvements

By Nancy Welch

QuickBooks Desktop 2018

The new QuickBooks Desktop 2018 is out and features some great improvements! With all desktop versions, you can now be more productive by using the new Multi-Monitor Mode and move individual QuickBooks windows onto up to three connected monitors. Just click on the new Move Window to Next Monitor button near the top right of the window and look at reports and transaction screens on multiple windows at the same time.

For those with an Enhanced Payroll Subscription, a Payroll Liability Payment Reminder red reminder badge will appear on the home page seven days before the scheduled payment is due and is available on all desktop versions.

A new Past Due Stamp can be added to customer’s past due invoices by simply checking a box on the invoice template. Once added to the template, simply Turn Off the visibility on any past due displayed invoice when not desired.   The Past Due Stamp will appear on both printed and emailed invoices.

Copy-Line (Ctrl+Alt+Y) and Paste-Line (Ctrl+Alt+V) keyboard shortcuts are another new feature to copy an entire row at one time and work more efficiently with transactions that have repeating rows of information.

QuickBooks Security

And Intuit has not forgotten its users’ increased concern with security. Desktop 2018 versions have incorporated an option to use Updated Email Security which will use improved multi-factor authentication. Simply sign in using your Intuit ID account, and once authenticated, your webmail password will no longer be needed.

Intuit will be phasing out its QuickBooks Desktop 2014 support and updates as the 2018 version is available. While you can still use the 2014 version for accounting, payroll updates will also no longer be offered.

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