Illinois Sales Tax Rate Increases Effective January 1, 2019

On January 1, 2019 several Illinois jurisdictions will increase local sales tax rate on general merchandise sales. This tax affects business district sales tax, county school facilities tax, home rule sales tax, and non-home rule sales tax.

Local increases include:

  • West Chicago increases by .25% to a new combined rate of 8.00 in DuPage County.
  • Harvey increases by .50% to a new combined rate of 10.50% in Cook County.
  • Rockdale increases by 1.00% to a new combined rate of 8.00% in Will County.

There are several other communities in southern Illinois with sales tax rate changes, please check your jurisdiction using the link below.

Check Your Sales Tax Rates

If you haven’t already, you must adjust your cash register and any computer program in order to pay the correct sales tax. Also, make sure to contact your software vendor. To check your location’s sale tax rate, visit and go to the Tax Rate Database.

To view the entire summary from the State of Illinois, visit:

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