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Interim CFO Services: Creating Clarity Out Of Chaos for Chicago Area Businesses.

Whether due to staff turnover, or inaccurate or incomplete accounting practices, businesses can find themselves in a messy situation. At that stressful time, DHJJ’s business advisory and interim CFO services team is available to offer their expertise and help pick up the pieces for Chicago area businesses.

DHJJ offers interim CFO services to businesses facing a temporary staffing need or a challenging situation with financial documentation and reporting. Partnering with your new CFO or stepping into the role of outsourced CFO while resolving issues, our experienced professionals deliver the sound advice and business insight you need to get and keep your accounting on track.

CFO Services Begin with Organizing Your Data

The first step is cleaning up the loose ends and untangling the history by reconciling balance sheets, making sense out of existing records and drilling down into the company’s financials to create an accurate understanding of the true picture. Next, we assist your company with filling in the gaps, establishing or correcting processes and getting the business into compliance with all relevant requirements.

Every business, new or established, benefits from accurate, comprehensive accounting that allows you to see the total picture and know exactly where you stand. Be confident that you are in compliance and ready for the next step with CFO and business advisory services from DHJJ.


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