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Gain a competitive edge with customized and punctual accounting services catered to franchise operations.

Keeping good records and meeting franchise standards are paramount when running a fast-paced franchise. You need a financial planner who can provide you with all the franchise accounting services you need and a deep understanding of your industry. At DHJJ, we deliver not only outsourced accounting but also auditing and assurance services and financial advice that only a firm that offers advisory and accounting services for franchisees specifically can deliver.

Our Accounting Services Include

We support businesses through a variety of accounting services. We work with you to come up with the right services that work with your internal support.

Our Franchise Accounting Process

Our accounting process starts with a deep dive into how your business functions and maintains the accounting systems that support those operations. The experienced Chicago-area team at DHJJ helps you better understand what your financial data is telling you by setting up clear reporting. We help you establish a firm foundation through meaningful and regular financial statements, retirement planning, compliance, franchise-specific obligations, and tax planning services.

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Regardless of your current setup or situation, you’ll have the consistent information you need to share with the franchisor, investors, and banks. Through our franchise accounting services, you’ll feel confident in what your numbers communicate and how to use that knowledge to make the most effective financial decisions.

What is Unique About Accounting for Franchises

Franchise accounting is highly specialized because you are bound to a contractual arrangement with the franchisor. You are not only responsible for paying franchise fees. You must comply with certain standards, attend to state and local planning tax, honor franchise-wide promotions, account for cooperative advertising spend, manage construction payments, and more. Even though you’re often running a franchise with established and proven systems, all of the above adds complexity to your role that can become overwhelming. Plus, accounting and tax services can be even more complicated if you’re in an international franchise. Streamlining accounting through franchise accounting services has a ripple effect through the business, helping you thrive. Your business can then exemplify how all franchisees can and should operate to succeed.

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Why Choose DHJJ CPAs & Business Advisors

For over 25 years, our CPAs and financial advisors have built lasting partnerships with our clients to help them meet their financial goals. We are dedicated to your financial success and work to customize our accounting services for franchisees to meet your specific needs and goals.We are committed to the financial success of our clients, and we work hard to customize solutions based on your unique needs and goals. Get in touch to learn more about franchise accounting services.

Areas We Service

Make your business stronger and your life simpler. Listed below are the areas we service! Please reach out if you do not see your location listed!


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